Up a tree



We’ve teamed up with Planet Ark for National Tree Day for the third round of the Design for Change Competition! Help us create ethically made clothing with purpose.

Trees provide the very necessities of life itself. They give us oxygen, store carbon, provide us with materials and support wildlife. If you’re 18 years or under, we want you to design artwork for a printed t-shirt that reflects what trees mean to you.   

National Tree Day X HUMIFORM are looking for strong, witty, powerful designs that you would wear proudly in your community. The clothes we wear can tell a story about what's important to us and we want these t-shirts to share a message about the world you want to live in.    

Please read the terms and conditions below to make sure your design meets our criteria. Once entries close, artwork will be shortlisted and then put to a public vote to determine which designs are made into t-shirts. Democracy in action!


Entries close 11pm AEST, 1st of May, 2020.


  • The winning designs will be printed on limited edition t-shirts that will send a message to the world about the change young people want to see  
  • Receive a t-shirt with your design on it and a discount on t-shirts for your friends and family  
  • $1 from the sale of every t-shirt will go towards The Seedling Bank
  • The remainder of the profits from the sales of our t-shirts go towards education programs and events that empower young people to become active citizens and change makers


  • All designs must be done in black and white only. No greyscale.   
  • Hand drawn designs must be done in black texta/marker, preferably a Sharpie or something similar, on white A4 paper, scanned and submitted as pdf/jpg/jpeg/png files. Many schools are able to scan documents and Officeworks provides scanning services.  
  • Digital designs must be done in black and white only and submitted as 100-300dpi pdf/jpg/png files, no larger than 10MB.  
  • Designs must be apolitical, please do not refer to any specific political party or politician.
  • Please keep the language and the design clean, i.e. no profanities, no offensive language or drawings.  
  • No logos should be included in the design.  
  • Make sure you read through the terms and conditions and submission guidelines below.  
  • All entrants must be 18 years or under as of 1st May, 2020. 
  • Visit 5 Tips for Creating a Winning Design for more ideas about how to make your entry stand out in the crowd. 

If you're an educator or community leader and you want to submit entries on behalf of 5 or more young people, please contact Megan at



1.1 We are looking for creative, powerful designs that share an important message  

about what trees mean to you and that will look good on a t-shirt. This is an open design and can include text, artwork, illustrations or whatever your imagination and creativity can design. It will be judged on its appeal to the public, creativity and emotional impact. Judges will be looking for striking images that stand out and that people will want to wear. 

1.2 The Judges, Humiform nominated representatives, will shortlist the Design entries. 

1.3 The decision of the Judges over every instance shall be final and unchangeable.

1.4 In the Judges absolute discretion they may declare void any Entry/Design if they infringe upon copyrights, trademarks, contract right or intellectual property of a third person or entity, or violate any person’s rights of privacy or publicity. 

1.5 The Judges shall have the right, at their discretion, to change the rules of the competition while it is running if it appears to them that it would be equitable to do so, including the extension of the closing date, whereupon there will be an announcement, at the first reasonable opportunity.

2.1 The Public will vote for their favourite Designs from the Judges shortlist. 

2.2 Only one vote per person will be permitted from the Public. 

2.3 The general principle is fairness and popularity: only one vote should be cast for your favourite design. If, in the opinion of the Judges this principle has been flouted, they can declare any entries or votes invalid, void the competition, change the competition instructions, or adjust the entries or the voting to achieve fairness, as they think fit.

2.4 The 3 winning designs will be reproduced on Humiform t-shirts for sale and Entrants give permission for the reproduction of their work(s) for this purpose.


By entering the competition, You, the Entrant, hereby accept these competition terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change by HUMIFORM:

1.  Each Entrant may submit up to 3 (three) images but must fill out the entry form each time.

2.  Entries must be submitted by 11:00pm AEST, 1st May, 2020.

3.  Entries will be shortlisted by nominated judges and then decided by a public vote. All selections of winning designs will be final and not open to review.

4.  The winning designs will be selected for reproduction and sale on HUMIFORM long sleeved tops and the Entrant gives permission for the reproduction of their work(s) for this purpose without additional compensation.

5.  Each image presented for judging must be 100% original.

6.  Each entry must not contain any material that could constitute or encourage conduct which would be considered a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law.

7.  Each entry must not infringe upon any copyright, trademark, contractual right, or intellectual property right of a third person or entity, or violate any person’s rights of privacy or publicity.

8.  You warrant that you are the sole copyright owner and author of each entry.

9.  You agree to participate in related publicity for the purposes of advertising, promotion and publicity and for your name and image/s to be used indefinitely without additional compensation.

10.  Entries must comply with Submission Requirements outlined below.

11.  If your design contains the image of another person, please include the permission form signed by them (or by their parents if under 18) allowing HUMIFORM to publish their image.

12.  All participants must be under the age of 18 on 12th August, 2020.

13.  All participants must have parental/guardian permission to participate in the competition.


Artwork can be designed by hand or digitally but all submissions must be in
jpeg/jpg/png/pdf format and must be no larger than 10MB.

1. Hand Drawn Specifications:
All hand drawn entries must be done with a black texta, preferably a Sharpie or
something similar, on white A4 paper and scanned and submitted as pdf/jpg/jpeg/png

1. Digital Specifications:
All digital entries must be done in black and white lines and submitted as 100-150dpi
pdf/jpg/png files.

1. Identification:
Each electronic file must be labelled with your first and last name, and image title.
Eg.JohnSmith_sunrise.jpg. Keep your own copy of your files, as they will not be returned
after the competition.


The winning designs will be selected for sale on HUMIFORM products. We reserve the right to make changes such as image size, ink or t-shirt colour to enhance their suitability for printing.

The Entrant gives permission for the reproduction of their work(s) for promotional and advertising purposes.

The Entrant gives permission for their designs and name to be published as selected award winners in media, exhibitions, events, newsletters, websites owned by or in alliance with HUMIFORM for promotional purposes.

Entrants retain copyright and all other rights to future use of their designs; however successful Entrants will not be entitled to any compensation for the use of their designs on HUMIFORM products.


For more information please contact Megan at