HUMIFORM t-shirts designed by young people

HUMIFORM’s Fashion Impact Project gives young people the opportunity to explore the stories behind their clothes and engage with fashion in positive and meaningful ways.

We are partnering with schools to allow students to take ownership of our t-shirt design competition at every stage of the process. Students will:

  1. Identify a social/environmental issue that is important to their school community
  2. Run a competition to source artwork for t-shirts that share a message about the issue they have chosen
  3. Design and execute a crowdfunding competition to have the t-shirts made ethically
  4. Wear their t-shirts with pride knowing that they are spreading a message for change and made in a way that respects people and planet

HUMIFORM will come to your school and give a short presentation about the impacts of the fashion industry and why it is so important we think before we buy. We will support teachers and students throughout the project with resources and materials. 

Learn more about the Fashion Impact Project and get in touch at