To Our Beautiful HUMIFORM Community, 

Last week I received some really sad news from our t-shirt supplier, Dorsu. They’re based in Cambodia and have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. They may not make it through the year without some serious support. 

At HUMIFORM we cannot do what we do without Dorsu and we have chosen to work with them for so many good reasons. They are a clothing company that provides 30 humans with fair and safe employment in a country known for exploiting garment workers. While cattle trucks dangerously ferry thousands of humans to garment factories that enforce long hours and poor wages, Dorsu has fought tooth and nail to make sure their employees are well cared for, paying living wages, and offering employee benefits like maternity leave and health care. They have worked so incredibly hard to get where they are today, overcoming unimaginable obstacles over the last 5 years. 



 Photo: Dorsu

When I heard about their situation I wanted to know how we could help. I personally have been feeling a little helpless this year, firstly with the bushfires and now with the COVID-19 crisis. I’m sure many of you have felt the same and know what I’m talking about. I had a chat to Hanna, the co-founder of Dorsu to see what we might be able to do. She has said that if we can place an order of 200 or more t-shirts it will go a long way towards supporting them. 

Challenge accepted. 

So at HUMIFORM we've decided to relaunch pre-orders for existing t-shirt designs in charcoal grey. We hope to reach 200+ orders and support Dorsu to continue their wonderful work. I know many of you were disappointed that you missed out the first time around so this is your chance to get your hands on one of our unique ethically made tees. A huge thank you to the very talented young artists who have granted us permission to use their artwork again. 

Humiform T-Shirts

I would never recommend that we all try to consume ourselves out of a crisis but if you love one of our t-shirts and know you will get a lot of wear out of it, we would be incredibly grateful for your support. 

Pre-orders are now open for all t-shirt designs and we would love it if you could spread the message and share the video linked above. Every little bit helps. I will make sure I keep you updated about how close we are to reaching our goal of 200 t-shirts (or more, here’s hoping!). 

A huge heartfelt thank you from me for all your support. Please stay safe and look after each other. 

Megan from HUMIFORM 💚