At HUMIFORM we co-create ethically made printed t-shirts that are designed by young people.



We run competitions and collaborate with young people and schools to source the artwork for our t-shirts. Each design shares a message about the social and environmental issues that matter to you and the change you would like to see in the world.


When the competition closes, the entries are shortlisted and the public votes for their favourites.


T-shirts featuring the winning designs are then made available to pre-order for a limited time only. Why do we do this? Fashion waste is a huge environmental issue with Australians disposing of 6 tonnes of textiles and clothing every 10 minutes! We only make what you order to ensure we are not left with any unwanted wasted stock. Because of this, we are unable to do exchanges so please choose carefully.


The t-shirts are manufactured ethically by Dorsu, a social enterprise and garment manufacturing workshop located in Kampot, Cambodia. Employees at Dorsu are paid a living wage and enjoy employment benefits such as maternity leave and healthcare. 

The fabric is sourced from factory offcuts from the Cambodian garment industry. In Cambodia there are over 1500 factories producing clothing for many of the high street brands here in Australia and internationally. Often factories are left with extra fabric they don’t need and this is sent to warehouses across Phnom Penh, the country's capital. Using factory offcuts utilises what is already in existence, saving on resources required for manufacturing new materials.


The clothes we wear have the ability to send a message to the world about who we are and what we care about. Imagine the powerful impact of hundreds or even thousands of people across Australia wearing a uniform for change. 

Your t-shirt dollars will also have an impact. $1 from the sale of each t-shirt goes towards organisations driving positive impact. The remaining profit funds education programs and events that empower young people to become active citizens and change makers. .




Fast fashion isn't OK. The average Australian buys 27kg of new clothing and textiles a year. Please only buy a HUMIFORM tee if you really need it and you know you'll get a lot of wear out of it. Adopt the mantra buy less, choose well.   


We encourage you to take care of your HUMIFORM tee and wear it as much as you can.  Don't be afraid to be seen in the same outfit twice, three times, or even one hundred times. If everyone wore what they had over and over again there wouldn't be such a huge fashion waste problem. 


Young people are in the habit of growing so it’s likely a t-shirt you buy today may not fit in 6 months time. If your HUMIFORM t-shirt is no longer useful to you, return it to us and we will find the t-shirt a new home or recycle it and give you 20% off your next tee to say thanks.